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Tolaro Global exists to provide the opportunity and resources necessary for widespread sustainable life change in West Africa. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to operate inclusive businesses with outstanding cultures that create highly desirable jobs within strategic industries.


  • Launched Cashew Project in Tourou, Benin

    November 2010

  • Broke Ground on First Factory

    March 2011

  • Started Processing Cashews in Our 1630 Sq. Meter Factory

    December 2011

  • Built a state-of-the-art BRC certified roasting and seasoning facility


  • Created our US operations marketing and distribution subsidiary, TG America


  • TG America officially launched our “beyond” brand. TG America owns, markets and distributes our “beyond” cashew retail brand in the US and Europe


  • Installed full cashew butter and cashew flour lines


Created Over
Jobs for Beninese

Retention Rate

Buys from

Increased Raw Cashew Nut Production by 460% since 2012

2300 Metric Tons in 2015

ACA Quality and
Sustainability Seal

We were the first factory in Africa to receive the African Cashew Alliance Quality Seal

Increase Farmer Yields

We launched our first cashew farmer project in the Fall of 2012 alongside PepsiCo and Self Help Africa, resulting in 25% increase in farmer yields

Provide Benefits

We provide our employees fair wages, plus healthcare, childcare, and subsidized food benefits

Why Benin?

Benin is the world’s 6th largest producer of cashews

Yet, it could produce more as it ranks 27th in yield per hectare. Tolaro Global is currently conducting its second successful campaign to increase the yields and income of the smallholder farmers that supply Tolaro.


Benin is located in West Africa

West Africa is the largest cashew producing region in the world. However, 90% of West Africa’s crop is exported for processing in other tropical producer nations. Benin’s location makes it ideal for the export of already-processed cashews to the world’s largest non-grower consumer markets, North America and Europe. Thanks to the first compact between MCC and Benin, the Port of Cotonou is now a modern, efficient 6 million ton (annual) port, that also provides export service for four other West African countries.

Why Tourou?

Tourou is outside Parakou, Benin’s most populous non-coastal city. Parakou is the midpoint of the planned Cotonou-Parakou-Niamey rail line, which will connect the capitals of Benin and Niger. It will also be the home of the future Tourou International Airport. As well, Tourou fits the criteria of the micro-grid emphasis of the 2nd Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact.


Our Future


Build world-class nut roasting, seasoning, and packaging facility

Expand current primary processing facility


Build additional, larger primary nut processing facility

Begin 2.5 MW Solar PV / Biomass energy project


tons of rcn per year


Purchase from

USD in our Benin operations

Community Impact

Tolaro Global

is an outgrowth of Projects for Progress, founded in 2008 by Sarah & Jace Rabe. Projects for Progress emphasizes clean water, education, and small business. As a result, we have completed 7 well projects, providing clean water for more than 30,000 Beninese.

Women’s Life Skills

educates 100 women at a time over an 18 month period. They are educated on food preparation, nutrition, child and infant care, hygiene, malaria, and finances. In addition, sustainable vegetable farms that are owned, organized, and farmed by women supply Tolaro with produce for its employee meal program at fair trade pricing.

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Photos of Benin by Martin Wegmann, UXrocks, and staff of Tolaro Global